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These testimonials are from various individuals including patients, practitioners, etc. about their experiences from utilizing these formulas. Your individual experiences may vary. 

I tried another company's Xanthium and Jade Screen Formula for my patients with allergies and it didn't work for them. Then I tried your "Allergy-Decongest" and it worked for them. K.C. Santa Fe, NM

After using your formula for blood sugar (Glucose Balancer), my blood sugar level is stabile and I don't need to use as much insulin now. S.L. Santa Fe, NM

After using your "Heart-Circulation" formula, the numbness that I use to get in my head is gone. Also, after taking the "Calm Spirit" formula I sleep better through the night without waking-up trying to go back to sleep. In the morning, I wake-up refreshed without that drowsy feeling. This works better than the Diazepam that I was taking previously. While I was taking the Diazepam, I would still wake in the night 2-3 times and wake up in the morning drowsy. - C.C. Bowie, MD

I use to have a problem "getting it up for sex". After, taking your "Men's Ching" capsules. I don't have that problem anymore. - J.H. Santa Fe, NM

My dog was diagnosed with a skin condition by the vet as "pemphigus". He stated that it was an autoimmune disease. When it's active, her immune system attacks the inner eyelids, nose, paws, etc; mainly the extremities. She scratches those areas and then she bleeds from those areas. He prescribed antibiotics which made it go away but then it would come back. He then prescribed corticosteroids which helped, but never really make it go away. While she would take the steroid medicine, she would still have itching, but not as bad. After giving her your "Cool Blood" and "Skin Rash - 2", all her symptoms are gone. The redness from the rash, the bleeding, and even the itching has all stopped. I don't know if this will cure her or not but it's helped the most. - J.W. Santa Fe, NM

After I started taking your herbal formulas "Allergy-Decongest and "Allergy Defense" my allergies have cleared and I can breathe again. On another occasion after taking your "Hawthorn-Salvia" Formula my cholesterol and triglycerides levels have gone down. - T. I. Santa Fe, NM

I started taking your "He Shou Wu Hair Compound" and after 3 months my thinning, white hair is now salt and pepper. I don't know if this will continue to help, but I'm going to continue taking it. My hair stylist said that she can see a difference and to keep doing what I'm doing because it's working. - P.D. Tucson, AZ

That herb formula for the neck "Kudzu-Neck" really works because my neck and shoulders aren't as tight and stiff as they were before. They feel more relaxed now after taking it. - J.L. Santa Fe, NM

After taking your "He Shou Wu Hair Compound" not only did my hair start getting darker, my nails started growing faster and became stronger than before. - J.B. Tucson, AZ

I had a chronic cold that I could not get rid of for months. After taking your "Clear Out & Boost-Up" formula I started feeling better and finally got rid of it. I ordered another bottle for a friend of mine to see if it will help her for the chronic cold that she's had for 3 months - the same way that it helped me. - T.F. Telleride, CO

My dog had problems with holding her urine as if she didn't have bladder tone anymore and would leak all over the place. After giving her your "Kidney Qi" formula she has stopped leaking. - F.C. Bowie, MD

After taking your "Eight Treasures Plus and your "Free & Relaxed" my fibromyalgia got much better and now my energy level is an "8" instead of a 3 or 4. I had so much energy that I painted my whole apartment! - J.S. Richmond Hill, NY

After taking your "Gentiana Compound" and "Kidney Qi" formulas, my frequent burning urine has stopped and I don't need to run to the bathroom anymore. - G.S. Norcross, GA

After taking your "Bupleurum-Dandelion Liver Cleanser" - my liver pain went away and it doesn't feel as swollen anymore. My nausea has gone away and my energy has come back. - M.V. Little Neck, N.Y.

The herbs you sent me "Clear Out & Boost-Up" and "Phlegm-Resolve" really helped me get rid of this chronic cold that I have had for months now. A day and half later after I started taking them I started feeling better and finally got rid of it. - T.C. Siren, WI

I have gone from a "padded - A cup" to an "unpadded big B cup" after 3-4 months of taking your "Bust" capsules. As of now, my bra is starting to feel tight and I expect to be going up to a "C cup" soon. - D.T. Albuquerque, NM

I take your "Women's Ching" and your "Bust" capsules and it keeps my menopausal - hot-flash symptoms away as well as keeping the "female factory" working down there. I give my husband the "Men's Ching" and it helps keep his "male factory" working down there too. I use to get some other supplements from Ea** Ta* Her**. The herb formulas I get from you seem stronger and more potent than the other ones that I was using previously. M.K. - Santa Fe, NM

Your herb formulas "Wolfberry-Bilberry Eye Compound, Clear Eyes, and Gingko Compound really helped my eyes. I'm already starting to see differences in my vision. - M.P. Alamogordo, NM


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