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Licorice and Ginger Decoction

Chinese Prescription: Gan Cao Gan Jiang Tang

English Translation: Licorice and Ginger Decoction

Formula Type: Warm Interior Cold

Actions: Warms the Lungs & strengthens the Stomach.

Indications: Cold extremities, absence of thirst, a dry throat, excessive salivation with spitting up of clear fluids, absence of coughing, irritabilty, dizziness, frequent urination, a pale, moist tongue without a coating, & a pulse that is either frail or submerged & slow.


PinyinEnglishSuggested Dosage
view: Zhi Gan Cao
Honey-fried Licorice 12g
view: Pao Jiang (Hei Jiang)
(Charred) Ginger 6g