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After using your "Heart-Circulation" formula, the numbness that I use to get in my head is gone. Also, after taking the "Calm Spirit" formula I sleep better through the night without waking-up trying to go back to sleep. In the morning, I wake-up refreshed without that drowsy feeling. This works better than the Diazepam that I was taking previously. While I was taking the Diazepam, I would still wake in the night 2-3 times and wake up in the morning drowsy. - C.C. Bowie, MD

Heart Circulation - Guan Xin Er Hao Feng - 4 oz


Utilizing Red Salvia, Illicis Root, Ligusticum Wallichi, and other potent Chinese herbs makes this a truly unique formula for the heat and circulation. This formula is based on a prescription used in China oftentimes given intravenously for angina, cardiovascular disorders, poor circulation, etc.  Heart, angina, circulation.

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