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My dog was diagnosed with a skin condition by the vet as "pemphigus". He stated that it was an autoimmune disease. When it's active, her immune system attacks the inner eyelids, nose, paws, etc; mainly the extremities. She scratches those areas and then she bleeds from those areas. He prescribed antibiotics which made it go away but then it would come back. He then prescribed corticosteroids which helped, but never really make it go away. While she would take the steroid medicine, she would still have itching, but not as bad. After giving her your "Cool Blood" and "Skin Rash - 2", all her symptoms are gone. The redness from the rash, the bleeding, and even the itching has all stopped. I don't know if this will cure her or not but it's helped the most. - J.W. Santa Fe, NM

Cool Blood - 4 oz


This is very specific for those experiencing rashes or red spots, nose bleeding, menstrual spotting, bloody urine due to heat-toxin in the Blood.  "Cool Blood"

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