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                         Welcome to our Herbs and Formulas lists!                        

Herb Guide    Suggested Herb List    Formulas List    Commonly Used Herbs

Plant Herbal Treasures is pleased to provide this reference listing to practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine working with herbs in their practice. 

Our Herb Guide lists the Chinese herbs by both Chinese pinyin and English name.  It shows the information based on the traditional actions, cautionary measures, meridians, etc. 

The Suggested Herb List is a list of herbs suggested for practitioners to have on hand to be able to fill most the commonly used prescription formulas being used today. 

Our Formulas List allows you to search for herbal formulas by both Chinese pinyin and English as well.  They are sorted by alphabetical order.  When clicking a particular formula link, it will list the herbs, indications, actions, contraindications, etc. of the formula.  When clicking a particular herb in the formula, the image of the dried herb will appear and if there are more than one variety of a particular herb, those additional images of the multiple varieties will appear as well.  There are those of you that may be interested in herbs who are not practitioners and in those cases we strongly encourage you to consult a qualified and knowledgeable herbalist who could appropriately diagnose your condition.  Chinese Medicine is a holistic medicine with over 5000 years of clinical efficacy.  It is important that the herbs be used appropriately in order to obtain the beneficial results that Chinese herbal medicine is known for. 

Our Commonly Used Herbs List shows how many times a certain Chinese herb comes up in a particular Chinese herbal formula.  I have been asked for over 15 years if I had a list of herbs that practitioners and students of Chinese Herbalism could use to know which herbs to order or which herbs they should have on hand when filling herbal formula prescriptions.   

Another traditional medicine from the East, this one from India - Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic form of medicine using herbs similarly to Chinese herbal medicine for treating doshic imbalances in the body.  We will be adding Ayurvedic formula listings in the future.

Robert Campbell, DOM



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