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Dr. Robert Campbell is a New Mexico state licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist and herbalist with a Master’s of Oriental Medicine degree. He has a practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he utilizes acupuncture, herbs, food therapy and lifestyle counseling. He is available for private consultations by e-mail for whatever particular ailment (s) you may have. The fee is $75.00 per incident plus the cost of the herbs. The herbs will be prescribed in prepared liquid bottle form, capsules, or bulk-loose form where the patient makes a tea. What determines what is prescribed depends on the patients’ situation and what ailments the patient is experiencing.

Dr. Robert Campbell also does consultations by phone as well. The fee is $125.00 per phone consultation plus the cost of the herbs.

Copy and fill out the accompanying intake form and let us know by phone or email that you would like to schedule a consultation and let us know that  you will be faxing the completed intake form.  Be sure to include your Credit/Debit number (Visa/MasterCard), date of expiration, name as it appears on card and specify either e-mail or phone consultation.  It would also be helpful to have a picture of your tongue taken for the diagnosis and emailed or sent to us thru the mail.  If thru the mail, please submit the completed intake form and the payment information required above to: Integrative Holistic Healing Center
Attention: Dr. Robert Campbell, DOM 826 Camino De Monte Rey Suite B-2 Santa Fe, NM 87505

Click here to view intake form.