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We offer the highest quality herbs and herbal formulas available anywhere.  We use Chinese Herbal Treasures premium brand of Chinese herbs.  Dr. Campbell specializes in the use of herbs as it is not only a science, but an art as well.  He combines both of these aspects when prescribing herbal formulas as well as having developed the Plant Herbal Treasures formula line.

Dr. Campbell has done research into getting the raw herbs without chemical contaminants, pesticides, sulfites, heavy metals, etc.  He studied under many different teachers including a couple who specialized in high quality herbs.  They arranged to have the herbs grown in the best locations in China without the use of chemicals, contaminants and sulfites.  Just like in the United States, there are areas where crops grow best, so it is the same in China.

Raw Herb Samples

**Raw herb pictures above.**  This is an example of the quality of the herbs that go into our concentrated water tea extracts and that are encapsulated in our capsule formulas.  Our ointments, salves and pain spray are also made from these premium quality herbs.


For example: The Chinese Ginseng Dr. Campbell uses comes from Jilin Province, where historically, is the location where Ginseng in China originated.  Because of the demand for ginseng, it is not always grown as nature had intended.  Most ginseng on the market is grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and fungicides.  One might wonder why they use chemical fertilizers and fungicides.  Well, ginseng has become a commodity and in order to meet the world's demand for ginseng, they put these chemicals on the ginseng which end up going into the individual consuming them.  The reason fungicide is used is because when you grow too many roots close together, the plants are not as healthy as they are suppose to be and they develop fungus, so to counter that, they put the fungicide.  Whereas if the plants were grown the way nature intended for them, growing healthy with nutrients from the soil, there is no need for the fungicide as the plant is strong enough to resist any fungal infection and the individual who consumes the plant will be imparted with the strength, health, vitality, and nutrients that the plant has.